Metro Atlanta is a great place to live in. 

healthcare staffing

Along with great sports teams, a world-class zoo and aquarium, the Fox theatre, and many other attractions, Atlanta boasts some of the best medical care available. There are more than 200 hospitals in and near metro ATL, and several are rated as some of the best in the country.

Great hospitals are supported by top medical schools and we host those too including; Emory and Mercer University School of Medicine, Morehouse School of Medicine, and a congregate of med-tech colleges. 

The result is plenty of highly trained job candidates in what is certainly a robust medical job market. “We connect the extraordinary job seeker with a position in which they will thrive – that’s the mandate,” said OPA Staffing CEO, Stephen Deason. “But we go a step further, our expert team of consultants dig deep to match the perfect skills and disposition for a seamless transition, and we maintain contact every step of the way.”

Filling a new or existing position at a medical facility can be a daunting experience, as well as a roadblock if not done properly. The process itself is even time-consuming. There are just too many applicants, and there are even the wrong applicants, or perhaps, not enough interest. All these can lead to wasted time and resources.

Staffing companies fill that gap through proper recruitment. How?

1. Providing appropriate personnel from their vast resource of highly skilled candidates. With the current fast-paced world, staffing solutions will definitely save you time with its dedicated staff, experts in the field of human resources. Opa Staffing takes pride in the quality of service it offers in as much as the healthcare staff provides medical facilities in need.

2. Having the means to fill positions quickly with the appropriate candidates and make the prospect of a new hire exciting rather than intimidating. Opa Staffing thrives from the values it creates within the organization thus ensuring highly credible candidates both in academics and professionalism.

3. Giving value to patient care. Being in the business for quite some time now, Opa Staffing has always given the commitment to only providing the safest, top-quality care to patients. Healthcare staffing should always consider this on the list. We don’t just bridge the gap between the need for staff but we build a harmonious relationship with both our clients and candidates as well, ensuring the welfare for both.

So what does proper recruitment mean again? One that definitely considers the need for people but also digs deep into understand the business’ needs. Is it easy to find the best healthcare staff? Well, it’s challenging but it’s not impossible. Soon as you connect with the right people – the perfect candidate is definitely out there to justify the fact that yes – Metro Atlanta is a great place.